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On the one hand really ingenious, on the other hand strangely exhausting to use. Anyway, it's an extremely creative concept and the graphics and sound are really professional too.

By the way, your Rocket Sword game looks awesome! This is going to be a great hit!

Very amusing and cute! Also you managed to get that arcade vibe right!

I am out of words!! Speechless!! What a wonderful... I don't know what to write hahaha SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRK!!!!! :DDDD

This made my week/month/year!! <3

Oh man this is AWESOME!! I'm totally in love with this game!! You ROCK!!! <3

For real, I can't get the smile off my face! (Which is a very rare thing)

Butzbo responds:

Wooow thanks so much Wiesi! Happy to hear it was a fun time :)

Man, wow! This fucking rocks!!! Power gameplay to the max!! 50000 stars for you. And now I've to continue playing!

I made it to Chicago so far! It's what I expected from you: A nearly perfect Flash game. The graphics, voices and sounds, the whole design, has that spot on arcade vibe written all over it. I haven't seen the whole game yet, but so far it's just awesome! The only thing I was a bit sad about is that I couldn't use my laser to shoot the enemy cars on the battle field. (Or could I?) But that would brake the gameplay perhaps. HOWEVER, you did a fantastic job in making a game that looks, feels and plays like a flash game in its best days!!

Edit: Now I got it. I should be more concentrated when reading textes.. It clearly says that the ground units can't be hit by the lazer.

Man I love this game, it's so damn charming!! You get all my five for this! Please keep up the awesome work, I can't wait for your upcoming games!!

scottwjsm responds:

Thank you so much that is motivating! I also love your games!

Wtf?!? This is impressive! It really feels like playing one of those Sonic games on a Mega Drive! The colors, the music and how the levels are build, really brings up memories! It's also great that this was made with Construct 2; I can imagine it must have been a lot of work. Well, congratulations, you rock! :)

Absolutely stunning!! Fantastic gameplay! Seriously, I love everything about this, the graphics, the music, the sound FX, the sunny, light hearted atmosphere, the whole concept! One of the best games I've played in months. <3

What an awesome platformer!! You really nailed it! Awesome graphics/animations, awesome controls, awesome atmosphere/soundFX, awesome everything. Maybe there could be a little bit of music in the background but whatever. I'm in love with this game anyway. :)

BTW, I think you made the most beautiful game icon ever (the two squirrels watching the sunset)!

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