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Wonderfully messy! Superbly drawn and also brilliantly set to music. I love this good old fashioned style reminiscent of the Tex Avery cartoons. Everyone should watch a cartoon like this for breakfast in the morning. With that, the day can come.

Really very adorable little rascals, those thing-things! I wish I could have them walking around here in my room. The video, in which you can see the creation process, is also super interesting.

Incredibly awesome! I'm lost for words. How do you come up with something like that? Anyway, it made my morning more bearable. Thanks a lot for this! Really amazing job!

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I really like it! :)

First of all I would like to say that I find the 3d setup totally fascinating. The first scene in the classroom looked like 2D at first, but when I moved the mouse, it was suddenly 3D and it felt like it used to be when I saw a 3D game for the first time! It's totally fascinating how you turned the classic 2D pico into 3D. So simple and yet so effective. The only problem is that I unfortunately have no idea what this game is about or what to do. At least I found the hammer and destroyed all the ants and turds. I just really wonder what the medals are for. Anyway, this game convinced me that making web games in 3D is really cool. I will now also try to learn Unity and develop a 3D game. Thank you for the inspiration!

Really cute this Creature Creator! I like it a lot!

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Fantastic song! I can see the jump'n'run to it in my mind's eye!

That actually sounds very good! You should have more followers. Your work definitely sounds very professional.

Accel-yo responds:

wow man, I appreciate that so much :) i'm still trying to figure out how to get more followers here on NG, its defiantly hard as a musician for whatever reason lol. but hey, with or without followers, you already know imma be posting new tracks haha.

Really awesome track! I'm thinking of using this for a little project for the upcoming NG Flash Forward Jam. If that's okay with you.

SinclairStrange responds:

Sure! Glad ye like it enough for you to include in a NG Flash jam!

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This is probably what the typical resident of the towns around Area 51 looks like. Very cool picture, I pull out 4.5 points!

oh man... memories... <3

Just wonderful! You've outdone yourself!

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