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I did some work in the garden!

2015-08-20 20:55:20 by Wiesi


Shark Lifting video by PewDiePie!

2015-07-01 16:37:50 by Wiesi


Shark Lifting 2 TRAILER

2015-01-08 12:14:51 by Wiesi

Yo yo! Currently working on this little game which comes for web and mobile:



Also, "Los Angeles Shark" is in the making too!


Stay tuned! :)

Candy Volcano Tycoon

2014-03-30 10:55:14 by Wiesi

Hi there,

besides Super Frisco Frenzy I released a game for Android called 'Candy Volcano Tycoon'.

It's a little game about harvesting and selling the fruits of the mysterious Candy Volcano. With the earned money you buy land and build real estates all over the island.

Since the game is made in Adobe Air (my first serious attempt in AS3), it doesn't run very stable on old devices, but if you've got something like, let's say, a Nexus 7 or a Samsung S3, it should run fine.

It's free of charge and you can download it here.

Or if you're too lazy to play yourself, you can also watch this gameplay video I made:



Time Shark early preview

2013-07-14 12:00:52 by Wiesi

Hi everybody,

Since it's been a long time that I haven't submitted or posted anything I thought it was about time to say something. About a half a year ago someone wrote a comment that I should make a shark game with multiple time periods, like where you would swim through the wild west and prehistoric periods and so on. If the shark collects enough points, a wormhole opens and he can jump into the next Level. I found that idea interesting and gave it a try. Now I kind of regret that decision. I think I worked 6 months straight on that game and somehow it just doesn't come to an end. It's beyond me how some people create whole console games on their own.
Well, current plan is to split the game up into many parts, which i would release one after another. Like "Time Shark: Episode 1" and so on.
However, I made some video footage of the levels I worked on so far:

Cactus Fun, an exciting new App from Mausland !!!

2011-04-12 10:24:58 by Wiesi

World premier - Maus Dog !!

2011-03-27 16:28:08 by Wiesi

My first selfmade App on Android phone.

Power Fox 4 released!

2011-03-07 20:55:31 by Wiesi

Click here to play!


Power Fox 4 released!

Powerfox 4 Trailer

2010-12-30 12:51:33 by Wiesi

/* */
Special thanks to Egoraptor for the voice recordings!

The trailer music is "Through the Gates" by Dimrain47 (Ng Audio Portal)

Have a Happy New Year!

Lobster Festival

2010-08-10 20:20:17 by Wiesi

So, I went to the LOBSTER Festival at Rockland, last weekend. If you're interested in lobsters, click here to check out the pics I took!

In other news, I'm planning to make a new Powerfox game! Hopefully that works out :).

Lobster Festival