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I did some work in the garden!

Posted by Wiesi - August 20th, 2015



Comments (30)

Fanstastic!Looks like you got some haul over there!What are you planning to do with them?

I'll cook 'em real good…

Do you grow other crops there?

Medicinal crops are my specialty.

Interesting.Did you start out growing these herbs or is it a family tradition?

Actually it's the garden of the mom of my friend.

All hail thez potato!

Wish I had a veggie/fruit garden.

I'd Harvest Moon that shit up.

We've been harvesting taters for the last few weeks, it's been awesome!

(What's "taters" precious?)

Taters are tasty!!

I see.I have read planting can make anyone happy,now I know why...

You mean people go outside with fresh air and nature? I want me some gardens!

potato hunt! so many victims fell to your mighty shovel!

haha that sounds like a great game!

Ironic, I'm counting down the days where I get kicked off the family farm... and hope to make another one, somewhere. Guessing you run the rototiller, eh? Wow, never knew one of my oldest and most favorite Flash producers, likes to get his hands dirty!

I haven't grown potatoes in a long while, don't you have to let them sit in a cool, light-free area for at least a month? Medicinal crops, huh... care to elaborate?

Well the older I get the more I enjoy being outside in the fresh air. I guess a rototiller is a harvesting machine, isn't it? I just had a fork to harvest the potatoes.
That's the first time I hear that you have to let the potatoes sit for a while.. I ate them the next day! :D

I know with bigger potatoes, they're almost as hard as rocks out of the ground, but if you do like the folks in Idaho do, you let them sit in long, half-buried burrows to age a bit. Yours look like specialty 'taters, do they taste like butter?

My Pop bought a mechanical potato digger in NYC in the 1950's, couldn't go any more than 7-8 MPH through the Lincoln Tunnel O_O He was properly shocked he wasn't killed or ticketed.

Anyway, I'm more of a corn, tomato, pepper, melon type grower. I've got 5 varieties of pumpkins just past the flowering stage, but I'm probably not going to be here to see them mature :/

That reminds me on pumpkin soup! Delicious!!

wow, bist du alt geworden! (no offense :D) wir feiern seit jahren immernoch deine animationen auf mausland und ich wollte dir nochmal alles gute wünschen. ich hoffe neue projekte laufen noch.
bülent und co sind bei uns seit ewigkeiten running gags. damals in der schule immer franks adventure 2 und 3 gezockt und ausgetauscht wie man alle nude pix bekommt. hab grad wieder die animationen dort angeguckt und mal spontan deinen namen gegoogelt um zu gucken, ob du noch aktiv bist. und wenn gartenarbeit nicht aktiv sein ist, weiß ich auch nicht.

viele grüße und alles gute

moin! die guten alten zeiten. :D hab neulich sogar drüber nachgedacht evtl mal wieder ein franks adventure zu machen. naja man wird sehn was die zukunft bringt. :)
danke fürs kommentieren aufjedenfall! gruss!

Nice potatoes...

you have enough there for a handful of fries!! congrats!

damn yeah! :D

Looks like a wild garden! And like you were expecting a bigger harvest with that big wheelbarrow! ;) Nice batch though. We've been plating potatoes for a few years now, every summer, usually it's enough to last just past Christmas. Greatest vegetable there is! :D So many different ways to cook it!

@VicariousE I'd also never heard of potatoes needing time alone before you eat them. With the ones we grow, it seems the faster you eat them, the better they taste, and the easier they are to prepare. Instead of peeling with a peeler, you can just brush off the skin with a butter knife the first week or two, then brush with a rougher brush for another week or two, then after that they start getting thick skin; looking like 'normal potatoes' (the kind you buy). Different types of potatoes I suppose. Though we've had different types.

Potatoes straight from the garden, with a cup of melted butter; raw onions ftw! :D That's the traditional way of celebrating harvest season here. We call it dopp i kopp ('dip in cup', roughly translated).

Yummy!! :)

Beautiful potatoes! oMG! DO POTATO LIFTER! fuck the sharks :P anyway good job on the garden work xD and whats up its been a long time! you might not remember me but you've replied to some of my messages :)

You seem hard at work that is very good keep up the good work sir :) . Also be careful some taters are weaker than others.

i hate faggot

tehe :*

hahahaha the last comment was the funniest, so crude and bad. i LOVED Trump Pinball

Wild raw French fries. ♥

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