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Time Shark early preview

2013-07-14 12:00:52 by Wiesi

Hi everybody,

Since it's been a long time that I haven't submitted or posted anything I thought it was about time to say something. About a half a year ago someone wrote a comment that I should make a shark game with multiple time periods, like where you would swim through the wild west and prehistoric periods and so on. If the shark collects enough points, a wormhole opens and he can jump into the next Level. I found that idea interesting and gave it a try. Now I kind of regret that decision. I think I worked 6 months straight on that game and somehow it just doesn't come to an end. It's beyond me how some people create whole console games on their own.
Well, current plan is to split the game up into many parts, which i would release one after another. Like "Time Shark: Episode 1" and so on.
However, I made some video footage of the levels I worked on so far:


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2013-07-14 12:11:47

Nice Man ! ! !


2013-07-14 13:29:31

Thought you were dead. But it's nice to see that you're still up and running. This looks as crazy as your other shark games, can't wait to try it!


2013-07-14 14:40:53

looks like funnn


2013-07-14 15:18:24

You're going to dissect Time Shark? Pity, but considering the amount of work that goes into each time period, I can see why. Do what you need to, to keep bringing in the money.
Your work has always been solid... didn't you make (a long while ago) a Johnny Walker turkey shoot game?


2013-07-14 16:37:15

Release it on steam and sell it for like 5 bucks.


2013-07-15 01:33:39

It's weird, another absent game maker came back recently with news on their series and everybody just blew them off, but when I saw this and had the thought "Oh they're making another shark game," the comma didn't precede a "whatever." it preceded a "cool!!!"

Probably because the shark games are hella fucking awesome and nobody cares if the series just goes on and on.


2013-07-15 01:56:32

haha! that looks amazing!


2013-07-15 07:32:39

Looks mad fun. Looking forward to it. :D


2013-07-15 09:46:18



2013-07-15 20:15:10

Looks fun as hell.


2013-07-16 01:27:53

Wow. Love the background animations!


2013-08-07 17:00:05

So, is Medieval Shark chapter 1 of this whole series or something.

Wiesi responds:

Well chapter 1 will be the upcoming game "Prehistoric Shark", so "Medieval Shark" is chapter 2.


2013-08-22 21:49:35

No teradactles to lach onto in the prehistoric age? lol

Wiesi responds:

Can you give me a picture of a "teradactles"? Thanks in advance!


2013-08-22 21:50:45

Maybe you could release the game with 3 complete levels and update the game with new levels as you finish them?

Wiesi responds:

Well, I decided the next game will be "Prehistoric Shark". We will see what follows after that.


2013-09-28 05:02:18

What about Mars shark? in a future mars with unfrozen oceans against aliens >:D


2014-11-05 08:33:54

Yeah a new shark game!!!!