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Candy Volcano Tycoon

2014-03-30 10:55:14 by Wiesi

Hi there,

besides Super Frisco Frenzy I released a game for Android called 'Candy Volcano Tycoon'.

It's a little game about harvesting and selling the fruits of the mysterious Candy Volcano. With the earned money you buy land and build real estates all over the island.

Since the game is made in Adobe Air (my first serious attempt in AS3), it doesn't run very stable on old devices, but if you've got something like, let's say, a Nexus 7 or a Samsung S3, it should run fine.

It's free of charge and you can download it here.

Or if you're too lazy to play yourself, you can also watch this gameplay video I made:




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2014-03-30 12:13:14

That game looks really fun! I love how simply accessible all your stuff is. You seem to have a good flow of great ideas and you are expert at executing them. I'm only slightly jealous over here :-D

Wiesi responds:

Haha, you're a charmer! Thanks a lot for the kind words, and I'm looking forward to Super Chibi Knight!!


2014-04-01 01:48:20

Nicely done, a lot more creative than most games out there. Everything looks nice and runs great too. Any thoughts on releasing it for other platforms in the future? (don't have an android)

Wiesi responds:

No, I think i will go on and make a completely new game. This one got too few downloads, so it's not really worth the hassle of porting.


2014-04-07 01:17:07

It runs slowly when I'm touching the screen (which is all the time), but that's because I don't have a fancier phone like you recommended above (are you using hardware acceleration for this? Because you should). My biggest problem with it was how small the joystick hitbox was, I much prefer games where your finger can be within a loose range of the joystick.

It's an interesting game, I haven't beaten it yet

Wiesi responds:

Hi, you can change the controls in the menu to motion controls. And yeah, I think it's using hardware acceleration. However, my next mobile games won't be in Adobe Air and will run a lot better! Thanks for giving this game a try!


2014-04-09 01:58:12

glad to see you been busy on Newgrounds and Android market

Wiesi responds:

I hope I can do some good stuff this year! :)


2014-06-08 15:41:55

After a few minutes in Ram Time!, and after you use magic, it seems you can't move down (until you press up), which can be a big problem.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for reporting!