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Wiesi's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 902 (From 266 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 13,465 Points

Future Knight Remake

Medals Earned: 1/18 (5/185 points)

Enemy Down 5 Points

You killed an enemy


Medals Earned: 1/12 (5/500 points)

Tutorial 5 Points

Finish the tutorial

Goin Up

Medals Earned: 5/21 (55/825 points)

First kill 5 Points

first Kill

Jump on 10 enemies 5 Points

Jump on 10 enemies

I can double jump 10 Points

I can double jump

I like my wall 10 Points

jump on a wall 20 times

Find the hidden button 25 Points

Find the hidden button

GOON: The Game!

Medals Earned: 1/10 (5/215 points)

The Best Offense 5 Points

Block an attack

Gravity Snake

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/190 points)

002 5 Points

Complete level 2

Guitar Hero

Medals Earned: 4/7 (175/250 points)

Emmy award 25 Points

Find the Emmy awarddddd

Grammy award 25 Points

Find the Grammy award

Red Coin 25 Points

Find the red coin

Old Record 100 Points

Find the Old record


Medals Earned: 1/10 (5/220 points)

Born Again 5 Points

Experience rebirth the first time.

Handless millionaire

Medals Earned: 3/3 (35/35 points)

Your left hand 5 Points

Your left hand has been amputated, you take it as a keepsake.

Your right hand 5 Points

Your right hand has been amputated, you take it as a keepsake.

Your fingers 25 Points

Once your fingers have been cut off so neatly that you have decided to keep them.

Hell Fight

Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/280 points)

New Challenger 5 Points

Beat the first level.

Hero Agency

Medals Earned: 1/14 (5/485 points)

Career Ladder 5 Points

Hire your first adventurer into the agency.