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Upcoming game: Tornado Button Smashin!

2007-07-16 21:43:34 by Wiesi

Hi there, its me, Wiesi from Mausland. I´m from Hamburg in Germany and most of you might know me as the author of the Franks Adventure Games. I´m a pretty lame programmer but my endless love for videogames drives me to dabble in developing flashgames again and again. I´m aiming for fast, exciting and mindless gameplay, just like in the arcades.

Speaking of arcade games I just started working on a new project called "Tornado Button Smashing" which hopefully will have that arcade feeling to it! In the game you´re controlling a tornado with w,a,s,d and you will have to smash the enter button on your keyboard rapidly to increase the size of your tornado. Your object is to navigate over cities and to destroy as many buildings as possible, simple and fun! You can watch a capture of the gameplay here.

So far the progress of developement is going along well so I hope to release the game soon. If you have any additional ideas or things you'd like to see in the game let me know. If published I will put your name in the credits. Well thats it for now, be sure to check out our website at to play some of the most insane games ever! :)

Wiesi / Mausland


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2007-07-18 06:27:08

Guten tag! Es ist sehr spass zu Franks Adventure spielen, weil er gut gelagen ist.
Cant wait to play your next game! I like your fast, exciting and mindless gameplay work.


2007-07-24 22:52:22

Hey been a fan of your work for a while now :) I cant wait to try Tornado Button Smashin! Looks really fun! :D


2007-07-25 09:59:31

Hey that fafu the ostrich game is quite a challenge
when's the new game coming out?
Will there be a fafu the ostrich 2?

Wiesi responds:

hmm fafu 2 would be great..


2010-05-14 23:31:25